Classifications of Hotels

Classifications of Hotels

26th April 2020 Off By rhiannon

Hotels vary depending on the services they offer as well as the capacity. This may range from the bed and breakfast hotels which are run by the owner who interacts with guests personally to large hotels or resorts that offer a wide range of services such as health and fitness training, swimming pool, meeting facilities among others. This article wil focus on how hotels are classified.


Hotels can be classified depending on their location. Most hotels in major cities or highways are for convenience purposes where one comes to spend a night or two as they conduct their business. One characteristic of these hotels is that they are easily accessible. Other hotels are more ideal for guests who want to stay at the facility and enjoy their stay while they relax. These kinds of hotels provide extra inhouse amenities hence ideal for people who do not want to leave frequently.


Here hotels are classified depending on the number of rooms available. In most cases, a hotel with 25 rooms or fewer is classified as a small hotel while that with more than 300 rooms is classified as a big hotel.