Using Wall Art to Make Hotel Space More Homely

Using Wall Art to Make Hotel Space More Homely

22nd January 2021 0 By rhiannon

When people travel, their hotel experiences make a huge part of how they remember the entire trip. If they enjoy their stay in a certain hotel, they are going to sing about it to everyone and probably make a return. The reverse also applies. As a hotel owner, therefore, it is very important that you make your facility as appealing as possible.

Many hotel owners have already fulfilled the basics of guests’ comfort-Wi-Fi, comfortable rooms, nice food, name it. But in a competitive market, you need to go an extra step in order to stay ahead in the game. Wall art is a sure way to get ahead.

Everyone loves some form of art. Decorated walls give visitors a certain lasting impression. When you think of wall art in your hotel, you should think of Desenio products. The online shop sells some of the best and most diverse wall art you will find anywhere. With a bias towards the lovely Scandinavian inspiration, their prints and posters are a collection you- and your hotel guests- will fall in love with. They also stock calendars with artistic designs.

How to Use Wall Art in Hotels

Although most Desenio art is universal, you have to use wall art wisely when decorating your hotel. It is advisable to concentrate on decorating the more ‘public’ areas and go easy on the private spaces. Sleeping rooms, for example, host different people at different times, all of whom may not be interested in the same kind of art. Less intrusive items like calendars are the best for private spaces. If you have to use wall art in rooms, Desenio offers hangings which can be easily removed at the request of a guest. Remind your attendants to always ask if there is something a guest would want to be removed from their room.

Areas like lobbies, gyms, and conference rooms fit in perfectly with more conspicuous Desenio wall art. In lobbies, you can place huge posters that make your hotel unique. Often, you will find guests taking photos next to these murals as a way of preserving memories of their trip to your hotel.

When picking wall art for your hotel, always have a theme in mind. Desenio has a huge collection to fit any theme, so take time to sift through it and find what suits you best.