Technology in a Hotel

Technology in a Hotel

12th November 2021 0 By rhiannon

Hotel guests and staff now have high expectations when it comes to the technology that they have at their disposal and this can lead to high costs when a hotel is being established. Thankfully, there are a number of options and shortcuts available that can help to keep costs low. This article explores a few of them.

Computers at reception

Both staff and guests will expect to have access to some form of technology in the lobby area of the hotel. For the team, this is essential so that they can check-in guests and quickly resolve any problems that may arise. If the computer is going to be sitting on the reception desk, then looks are very important and a refurbished MacBook Air laptop could be an excellent choice. These computers are fully refurbished to ensure that they perform well and look just as good as their fresh out of the box counterparts. A refurbished computer is a great balance between price and quality for these types of situations.

Guests may prefer to use desktop computers. For them, the key is often easy to access to printing so that they can quickly print any travel documents that may be required for the next phase of their journey. It’s also worth providing links to travel information websites so that they can easily plan trips and days out while they are staying in the hotel.

Technology in the room

Connectivity is key here. Guests will increasingly expect to be able to access streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime when they are travelling. Often the easiest way to do this is to allow guests to plug their own devices into the TV using an HDMI table. Being forced to watch content on a very small screen when there is a large television in the room can be a very frustrating experience.

TVs and tablets are also being used to replace guest directories and other paper sources of information in guest rooms. This makes it far easier to keep the information that is given to them up to date and reduces the risk of COVID spread from multiple guests handling the same items.

Overall, technology can make the experience of staying in or working in a hotel much more pleasant and straightforward for everyone who is involved.